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Ark: Survival Evolved is a multiplayer online survival competitive game, you can also use PVE. The game was released in August 2017 and is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux, and in 2018 versions for Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch.

Players need to establish their base to protect themselves in the game, and survive through hunting, planting, and scientific research. To build a base, players need basic components such as floors, doors and windows, which are gradually obtained as the player progresses and collects.

Players can also make props in the game, such as weapons, which can be achieved by collecting the Ark Resources and technology needed for making. In addition, players can make additional components and add them to the weapon, such as adding a scope or flashlight to a pistol or machine gun. If the player eats necessary food after being injured, his health will gradually recover.

There are more than 80 kinds of dinosaurs in the game. Players can tame them by feeding and other strategies. Once the dinosaurs are tamed, the players will be able to use the dinosaurs' abilities to travel through the sea, land, air and even enter the underground world. There are other prehistoric creatures in the game, and you can also breed these dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

They live in various complete ecosystems such as land, sea, air and underground caves. In addition to exploring the huge and lively prehistoric environment, you must also figure out how to survive, strengthen yourself and finally escape the Ark.

Generally speaking, ARK Dinosaurs and other ARP Items can be obtained by constantly doing tasks. Considering that repetitive tasks are very time consuming for players, it is recommended that players Buy ARK Dinosaurs and ARP Items from reliable merchants.

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