Ark Survival and Evolution: What are the four fiercest land creatures?

In the game ARK Survival and Evolution, apart from other players and the surrounding environment, the most dangerous creature is the dinosaur creature with the most enlarged base in the game. Among these creatures, the most dangerous one is the carnivorous dragon. Sometimes when the player chooses the resurrection point to revive, See those who can take the initiative to attack the carnivorous dragon, often did not wait to climb up to be killed, then I will introduce you players four kinds of opening absolutely can not be close to if being targeted quickly turn around and run don't hesitate to four kinds of land creatures.

Rex: This dinosaur can be found in almost every corner of the game map, mainly in volcanoes. Rex's damage is beyond doubt, and there are almost no natural enemies in the game. Generally speaking, once nearby players become the target, they can only wait to escape or be killed.

Spinosaur: This dinosaur main activity area near the ark river on the map, Spinosaur attack range is very wide, not only will attack around close to other creatures but also attack, no defense construction is almost a cover kill deities kill Buddha Lord God, to dare to close to the player also wavered, until being killed.

Giganotosaurus: This dinosaur is very similar to Rex (presumably a distant cousin of Rex), but it's much more powerful than Rex, and it's also very fast. If you run into a Giganotosaurus in official uniform and get close enough, you don't have to run, you just wait to be killed, come back to pick up the package after being resurrected.

Rock Elemental: These creatures don't lose the dinosaur, if stubbornly points class, it should belong to the element class, the activities of the main stone mountain area in the desert or above, at ordinary times almost with a larger Rock, the player, or other biological inadvertently approached, they immediately restore Rock Elemental nature, holding the stone will give players a fatal blow, A player who doesn't know the form of Rock Elemental will be killed by Rock Elemental all of a sudden.

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