​ARK: Survival Evolved Eggcellent Adventure 6 Guide

ARK: Survival Evolved Eggcellent Adventure 6 has begun. Players will have the opportunity to collect Easter-themed skins, Chibis and creature colors before April 14. How to get bunny eggs in Eggcellent Adventure 6?

In the latest iteration of Eggcellent Adventure, the process of collecting rabbit eggs is the same as last year. Rabbits lay eggs on the coast like ordinary dodos, so the player will track many dodos the next time. A casual player can easily find enough players in the wild. Compared with other seasonal ARK events, Eggcellent Adventure 6 provides you with easy access to all necessary materials.

How to use bunny eggs to get Chibis and skins

Once you have enough rabbit eggs in your inventory, you can put the rabbit eggs in a standard cooking pot to make the skin for any event. Normally, you need about 50 rabbit eggs to make premium items, but we will provide a complete list of recipes below. The last way to use "bunny eggs" is to paint them, but despite their great artistic value, you will not get any benefits by keeping them intact.

How to make Eggcellent Adventure 6 skins

Although most skins in Eggcellent Adventure 6 can be reused in the past few years, there are still a variety of cosmetics that can be made during the event. This is the complete list of items and the recipes needed to make them:

Rabbit tail: 50 eggs

Procoptodon rabbit costume: 50 eggs

Bunny ear skin: 25 eggs

Dino bunny ear skin: 25 eggs

Easter chick hat skin: 40 eggs

Dino Easter chicken hat skin: 40 eggs

Easter egg hat skin: 40 eggs

Dino Easter egg hat skin: 50 eggs

Cotton candy hat skin: 25 eggs

Dino marshmallow hat leather: 25 eggs

E4 Remote Eggsplosives skin: 35 eggs

Easter egg scalp: 40 eggs

Chocolate Bunny Club Skin: 35 eggs

Sweet spear carrot skin: 35 eggs

Tail swinging expression: 50 eggs

Rabbit dance emoji: 50 eggs

How to change the color of dinosaurs

Players visit Bunny Oviraptor. for a limited time to change the color of the dinosaur. If you like to collect dinosaurs of various colors, then you can buy Ark dinosaurs from ArkRex. ArkRex provides dinosaurs of different colors and different attributes. Feed the eggs to your creatures, and they will get a 24-hour acceleration and random special coloring. The following is a complete list of colors:


Light Green

Light Yellow

Light Orange

Light Red

Dino Light Brown

Dino Dark Brown




Dino Medium Blue









Most multiplayer game servers do not support cheating, so if you decide to do this, you need to try it in a single player game. Next, press the key combination listed below to open the chat menu.

PC: Tab

PlaySation: L1 + R1 + Square + Triangle

Xbox One: LB + RB + X + Y

The first command you must enter is enablecheats to enable the cheating feature. Once the problem is resolved, you should be able to use this list of derived commands to get what you need:

Bunny Egg: Cheat gfi e_easteregg 1 0 0

Bunny Egg Candy: Cheat gfi FestiveDinoCandy 1 0 0

Bunny Tail: cheat gfi BunnyTail 1 0 0

Procoptodon Bunny Costume: Cheat gfi ProcopBunny 1 0 0

Bunny Ears: Cheat gfi BunnyHat 1 0 0

Bunny Ears (Dino): Cheat gfi DinoBunnyHat 1 0 0

Easter Chick Hat: Cheat EasterChick 1 0 0

Easter Chick Hat (Dino): Cheat DinoChickenHat 1 0 0

Easter Egg Hat: Cheat EasterEggHat 1 0 0

Easter Egg Hat (Dino): Cheat gfi DinoEasterEggHat 1 0 0

Marshmallow Hat: Cheat MarshmallowHat 1 0 0

Marshmallow Hat (Dino): Cheat Dino MarshmallowHat 1 0 0

E4 Remote Eggsplosives: Cheat gfi EasterBasket_C4 1 0 0

Easter Egghead: Cheat gfi EggNestHat 1 0 0

Chocolate Rabbit Club: Cheat ChocolateRabbit 1 0 0

Sweet Spear Carrot Cheat gfi Spear_Carrot 1 0 0

Tail Wiggle emote: Cheat GFI TailWiggle 1 0 0

Bunny Hop Dance emote: Cheat gfi Emote_BunnyHop 1 0 0

Easter Jerboa Chibi: Cheat GFI Chibidino_BunnyJerboa 1 0 0

Easter Chick Chibi: Cheat GFI ChibiDino_EasterChick 1 0 0

Thorny Dragon Chibi: Cheat GFI Chibidino_Spineylizard 1 0 0

Achatina Chibi: Cheat GFI Chibidino achatina 1 0 0

X-Sabertooth Chibi: Cheat GFI Chibidino_SaberX 1 0 0

The above is all about Eggcellent Adventure 6. If you don't have enough time for Easter, then you can also Buy ARK Items from ArkRex.com. Whether you are a single player or a multiplayer game, we can provide you with Provide Easter items immediately.