​Ark Survival Evolved: How Players Tame the Thorny Dragon

The Thorny Dragon is one of the most tameable dinosaurs in Ark. For players using the new server, the slippery sand creatures are not easy to catch. However, this is not impossible, the thorny dragon can still be tamed early in the game.

Ark players should use longnecks and crossbows to tame animals. Players can use primitive crosses to catch Spinosaurus. Before proceeding to tame the creature, the game player should use some narcotics to ensure its survival. On scorched earth, Thorny Dragon can be found near the base or in any area with sand. They can also be found at the bottom of scorched earth rock formations.

The main defense mechanism of the Spinosaurus is to shoot thorns from its tail. Once the creature is found, the player should support himself on the rock before interacting with it. By gaining a commanding height, the Thorny Dragon will not be able to use its close-range attacks, and players will be able to tame the animal more easily. Low-level thorny dragons do not have much health, so players should be extra careful when launching multiple calming darts at animals.

Players should always add the same amount of ordinary meat when feeding animals. After a short waiting period, the creature will be tamed. Next, gamers should store Dragon in a frozen sphere and make a saddle for it.

The Thorny Dragon's saddle can be used as a forging station for the player or as a ground mount. This allows players to upgrade to one of the most versatile mounts in the Ark. Survivors will no longer need to traverse the map to make simple items. Players can also launch weapons to the back of creatures, which is a game-changer in PVP. Read More, Click here: https://www.arkrex.com/