Ark: Survival Evolved: How to hatch dinosaur eggs

In Ark: Survival Evolved, players can obtain the second generation of dinosaurs by hatching dinosaur eggs. Some players don't know how to hatch dinosaur eggs. The following is an introduction to the method of hatching dinosaur eggs in the game.

There are fertilized dinosaur eggs and ordinary dinosaur eggs. The fertilized dinosaur egg has a yellow strip in addition to the blue stripe, which will glow red when placed on the ground. Only fertilized dinosaur eggs can hatch, and fertilized dinosaur eggs can only be obtained by mating two male and female dinosaurs of the same species.

Incubation of dinosaur eggs requires a suitable environment, mainly to increase the temperature. Tools that can be used include campfires, fireplaces, torches, air conditioners, Dimetrodon, etc.

When hatching, the player must first throw out the dinosaur egg in the backpack, please be careful not to use it.

Then the discarded dinosaur egg will be in a certain state, for example, it is too cold or too hot. If the temperature is too low, then we need to heat it, if the temperature is too high, then we need to cool it down. If it is not in the right environment, the HP of the dinosaur egg will drop. Once HP becomes 0, the dinosaur egg will disappear completely.

After the dinosaur hatches, we still need to adopt the hatched cub and then feed the cub. In the beginning, the player can only put a small amount of food for the cub, and it will eat up in a while. At this time, we'd better watch it by the side. After it is finished, we can put a lot of food on it, this time it will eat for a long time.

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