ARK: Survival Evolved-How to make Stone ax

The first tool that players can make in the ARK: Survival Evolved game is the stone ax. It can be used not only for felling trees but also as a weapon. When the player reaches level 2, the stone ax can be used. Using this tool, you can cut off the raw meat and skin from the prey. When you cut them up, you will get a lot of stones. These stones can also be used as weapons.

As you continue to unlock the Studio Wildcard game, you can make even higher new tools. Fortunately, when you reach level 25, you can unlock the metal ax. Using an ax made of this material allows you to obtain more materials in a shorter time, even with scarce materials. Therefore, players must learn how to make an ax. Today I will introduce to you how to make a stone ax.

To make a stone ax, to make a stone ax, the character must first unlock level 2 and then the mallet. Then prepare the following materials:

Wood x1, straw x10, flint x1

If you are not familiar with the ARK: Survival Evolved game, you may not know how to obtain these materials, but don't worry, they are very easy to obtain.

In ARK: Survival Evolved, straws can only be obtained by logging. There are three main ways to quickly obtain straws. One is to use pickaxes to collect, the other is to use dinosaurs to collect, and the third is to use industrial grinders to grind wood to obtain straws. Among the three methods, the first method is suitable for lower grades, and the second method is suitable for higher grades. However, a large amount of straw can be obtained at one time by using an industrial grinder, which is suitable for use when there is no shortage of petroleum resources.

As for wood, it is obtained in the same way as straw. Finally, flint is mainly obtained by collecting stones. After preparing enough materials, you can make a Stone ax directly in the forge or outpost.

The above is how to make a stone ax. For more information about ARK: Survival Evolved, please click