​Ark: Survival Evolved: How to Tame Dinosaurs

As we all know, one of the most important tasks for players in ARK is to domesticate dinosaurs, because dinosaurs and other creatures can be used to collect resources, attack enemies and defend against invaders. Most importantly, they also provide another layer of customization for the game, which you can upgrade. For novice players, understanding how to tame the process is more important.

1. How to get small creatures

The type of animal you tame depends on the animal you want to use. It may help you gather resources, defend against enemies, or help you cross obstacles such as rivers or cliffs.

Wooden sticks and slingshots are ideal tools for securing smaller animals, while larger animals require tranquilizer arrows, darts, crosses, and long-necked rifles. These more expensive items will give you a greater chance to stun the animal but require more materials to make.

After knocking down the animal, anesthetics and anesthetics will help keep the animal in a coma, so be sure to pack some. Just move them from inventory to inventory, and their torture will gradually increase, thus giving you more working time.

2. Choose the right location

Taming can take a long time to complete, so choosing your location wisely is crucial. If you choose a place with no settlements near the cover, you are less likely to encounter other players. You will be extremely vulnerable during the taming process, so keeping hidden is the best way to resist an ambush.

Another consideration you should consider is to place yourself near a place with lots of plants. In this way, you can harvest more narcoberries, thus avoiding a frantic final search in the case of exhaustion and the need to lengthen the torpor of the animal.

3. Use the right ingredients

Most creatures like to eat coarse ground food, you can feed them to increase the taming effect. When you put different types of animal eggs into a pot or industrial stove containing high-grade crops, fragrant fruit, some fiber and 25% water skin, coarse grinding will occur.

These recipes can be found on the bodies of large carnivores such as Megalodon, Spinosaurus, and Carnotaurus, but you need to do some experiments to find out which kind of rough grinding works best for which animal.

If you cannot use a cooking pot or any of the above ingredients, then raw prime meat and mejoberries are the best choice. For carnivores, please collect raw meat from Stegosaurus, Paracer, and Mammoths. At the same time, for herbivores, please get some fragrant berries from your environment to feed these creatures.

Once you have mastered the above content, then you have been able to raise a small dinosaur independently. However, mastering these is far from enough. You also need to protect yourself and the small dinosaur. It is not easy to raise a dinosaur. If you do not have enough time and energy, then you can choose to quickly obtain your ideal dinosaur from ArkRex