Ark: Survival Evolved-The best places to build a base

In Ark: Survival Evolved, players can flourish by setting up bases in some of the best places on the map. The following are a few places where we think there are necessary resources and environments nearby. These necessary resources and the surrounding environment will prepare you for what is about to happen.

Sunken Forest

Sunken Forest is rich in resources and has a high altitude, making it a good place to build a base. Many animals can be used as stable meat, which makes reproduction much easier. In addition to a lot of resources, this is also a very beautiful and immersive area.

Near the Oasis on Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth is one of the most challenging maps, but if you can survive for a long time only by relying on elements, then Scorched Earth will be an exciting map. Since it is a desert, there is very little water on Scorched Earth. So it is best to operate near an oasis, which allows you to be close to places with water and low temperatures. We do not recommend that you build a base on Scorched Earth, but once you adapt to the game's mechanics, you can choose to build your base in this area.

Herbivore Island

This place is a safe place with only herbivores, so everyone in the Ark community calls it Herbivore Island. The surrounding water is dangerous, but once you come here it will be safe. This place has all the main resources you need and is ideal for establishing a base. You can stay here at any time without being in real danger outside of multiplayer games. For new players, Herbivore Island is a good place, but also a good place to learn the basics and focus on construction and production.

After establishing a base in one or more of these locations and operating effectively, it will become easier to find other good places to establish a base. If you choose to build a base in another location, you only need to make sure that there are enough resources and expansion space nearby so that you can grow and develop in the game. You can choose ArkRex to purchase the items you need in Ark: Survival Evolved.