ARK: Survival Evolved: The effect of fiber and how to get fiber

Like wood, fiber is also another very important material in ARK: Survival Evolved, especially when starting a new game. This material is used to craft all kinds of objects. From arrows and spears to mounts, C4 explosives, and much more. So, it is worth having fiber in quantity in case you need it when you least expect it.

Fiber would be one of the most abundant and easily available resources. In addition, you can get fiber being level 1. However, when you reach level 30 everything changes and in much less time you get more units. This has an explanation. At level 30 you can already craft a sickle. Well, it's time to see how to get fiber in the Studio Wildcard game.

How to get fiber

Fiber is a basic material in the game. Fibers are required for the initial production of houses and tools. Players can obtain them by collecting bushes. It is also obtained by picking shrubs, but the efficiency is not very high. Players can harvest a lot of fiber by making a sickle in the middle of the game.

You only have to go to an area with a lot of vegetation to get the fiber. Get close to the plant and collect the fiber with your own hands. If you need a lot of fiber, you must wait for a while. Usually, you receive few units. By the way, at first, you level up very quickly and then everything gets complicated. This can be solved by carrying out other tasks, for example, if you make wooden rafts you will level up again at a good pace.

The fastest way to get fiber is through Triceratops. This creature is perfect for farming. However, there is a downside. It cannot be tamed until you are level 40. Players usually choose ArkRex to buy.