ARK Survival Evolved: Three ways to tame dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are the most important creatures in the ARK Survival Evolved game, and they can accompany players to survive together. Players can tame and feed it, which is fun and useful for players. Most importantly, they also provide another customization feature for the game, that is, you can upgrade them and decorate them with cool new looks. But for new players, it may be very difficult to understand the methods and processes of taming dinosaurs. The food used to feed each dinosaur is different and can only be found by trial and error. Here are three ways to tame dinosaurs.

1. Pick the right animal

Choosing the type of animal you want to tame depends on its skills. For example, if you are looking for a dinosaur that is easily available and has light protection features, choose Dilophosaurus. They can carry additional equipment and can act as guard dogs to protect your base from attacks.

If you need to collect gems, Ankylosaurus may be the best animal for you. They are good at mining materials such as metals and crystals, which you can use to make gems.

In ARK Survival Evolved, almost all creatures have special skills to use. For example, harvest certain resources, defend against enemies or help you cross obstacles such as rivers and cliffs. Players can learn information about each animal by collecting notes from explorers and observing their behavior in the wild.

2. Pack the right equipment

You can tame certain animals by feeding them from the hot bar. As long as you are nearby, you can identify these creatures through the prompts that appear at the top of the screen. If no message is displayed, then you need to try a more violent tame method. For example, knock down the animal first.

Wooden sticks and slingshots are ideal tools for securing smaller animals (such as Raptors and Dilophosaurus), while larger animals require tranquilizer arrows, darts, and longneck rifles. These more expensive items will give you a greater chance to stun animals. But it needs more material to make it. Please prepare more narcotics, because they can keep the animal in a coma.

3. Choose the right location

Taming the dinosaur may take a long time to complete, so choosing the right location is also crucial. Try to bring the dinosaur you want to tame to a small corner, so that we will neither be attacked by the same kind of dinosaur nor will other predators hinder us. You will be extremely vulnerable during the taming process, so staying hidden is the best way to defend against attacks.

You can also go nearby where there are many plants. In this way, you can harvest more narcotics, so as not to make you in a state of exhaustion and need to extend the animal's coma time.

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