Ark: Survival Evolved-Uses Of Parasaurs And How To Obtain

Parasaurs are one of the very common creatures in Ark: Survival Evolved. It has a crown on its head and is easily frightened. Although it looks weak and cunning, it will be your first ally against the enemy. Next, I will introduce you to information about this dinosaur.

As a medium-sized dinosaur, Parasaurs can be leveled into a fast device with average storage capacity, making it ideal for beginners to mount. However, this dinosaur is not suitable for fighting, but will naturally escape the confrontation. Parasaurs are herbivorous dinosaurs. They will not attack actively and will run away when attacked. They will only attack when protecting their eggs. However, from the early days, this dinosaur was very suitable for reconnaissance missions.

Parasaurs can defeat most dangerous predators and have enough space to store a small number of resources, items, and life-saving equipment. Unfortunately, due to Parasaur's limited storage capacity and lack of natural defense mechanisms, any long-term travel or large-scale resource gathering activities may require other organisms.

As Parasaurs are defenseless, in addition to running away, they can be easily knocked down for taming, especially if you can fix them before taming. Once it loses consciousness, the player can use Narcoberries and other berries as a tranquilizer to anesthetize it, and eventually tame it. Then the player can put a saddle on it and ride it.

If the player wants to tame larger, faster, and more deadly creatures in the wild, they can learn to tame Parasaurs first, which will make you very experienced. You can also buy the dinosaurs you want directly at ArkRex.