Ark: Survival Evolved: ways to track lost dinosaurs

In Ark: Survival Evolved, dinosaurs sometimes don't follow you. If you don't find out in time, you won't find your dinosaur. So how do you track the lost dinosaur?

There are transponder nodes and trackers for your dinosaur that you can craft. Especially for people who have dino leashes. There is a glitch that if you have a dinosaur leash and are running around with your dinosaurs, Your dino might disappear and start teleporting in the direction of your dino leash based on your dinosaurs current position.

However, if there is an object between the dinosaur and the leash, it will get stuck on the rock when it is transferred to the leash. If there are no obstacles to hinder its progress, it will directly teleport to the dinosaur leash (no matter how far it is from the dinosaur leash). Therefore, please make transponder nodes and trackers and place them on the dinosaurs.

Cryogenic animals should use gifted taming, it will reset the taming tracker and show it in the taming tracker again.

If this happens, or your dinosaur disappears for other reasons, you can track it. If you don't have enough level to make them, perform a note run. This will save you a lot of upgrade time. In addition, once you can make their items, it will make the game easier.

So, all in all, create a transponder and tracker and place it on your dinosaur. This is a very worthwhile resource. If your level is not high enough, please pay attention until it runs.

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