Four types of wyverns in ARK: Survival Evolved

Wyverns are the essential creature in ARK: Survival Evolved. These creatures are huge beasts, able to defend their territory from invaders. They are also outstanding allies, and if you are willing to endure danger and try to capture one, they will be a pet worthy of pet. The only way to tame wyvern is to find a fertilized egg, so don't try to knock and tame any of the parents. The following are four types of wyverns.

Lightning wyvern

The Lightning wyvern can cause the most damage to the opponent. Of all the wyvern varieties, the Lighting type has the best flat damage with its lightning strike attacks. You will be able to challenge the terrifying Titans and other bosses. These creatures use considerable stamina to attack.

Fire wyvern

The Fire wyvern can cause great damage to most opponents. It will cause some melee damage, but there are some better options. It can issue excellent breathing attacks but will be defeated by the lightning wyvern when suffering primitive damage. It can fly and turn quickly, flying around on huge creatures, frightening opponents looking up to the sky.

Poison wyvern

The Poison wyvern can breathe with poison gas, making the opponent fatigued. Poison damage can also ignore armor, but you need to make sure that using it yourself will achieve the best purpose. If you want to focus on PvE battles, you need to add a Poison wyvern's melee damage. If you missed this wyvern attack, then congratulations, you will miss a lot of potential damage.

Blood Crystal wyvern

Crystal wyvern is one of the latest varieties added to the game. It has three types, the most famous of which is blood crystal wyvern. It can use its long-range blood flow to damage the enemy, absorb health from the target it hits, and restore its life. After defeating the enemy, blood crystal wyvern can devour its corpse to further increase its health. Defeating blood crystal wyvern is very difficult. If you can tame it, then you will be a very challenging opponent.

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