​How to light a campfire on the Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: The evolution of survival is an unfamiliar world, where it is full of various beasts and threats from other players. It is the most terrifying in the dark, so it is very necessary to learn to light a bonfire to survive.

Bonfires are important for keeping warm, food and light, so if the player wants to survive, learning how to build and light a bonfire is vital. To make a fire, players will need to collect some easy-to-find resources.

To have a bonfire in ARK, use Thatch, flint, stone, and wood. Thatch can be harvested from trees, and Flint can be harvested by harvesting rocks with a pick. Stones are easy to find on the ground and can be easily collected anywhere in the game. Wood similar to thatch can also be obtained by cutting trees manually or with tools.

After all the resources are collected, they are built into a campfire. To ignite the campfire, players need to refuel, and they can use extra thatch or wood. Put fuel in the campfire inventory and interact with it to light it. Press the E button on the PC, the Triangle on the PlayStation or the Y button on the Xbox to solve the problem. Learn more: https://www.arkrex.com/