Something about Ark: Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2

Ark: Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2 is finally expected to be released soon before ARK 2, which means franchise fans everywhere are preparing for the upcoming release. Want to know when this huge DLC will arrive on the platform of your choice? Here are some things you need to know.

Release date and time of Ark: Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2

Although the DLC was previously scheduled to be released on June 2nd, there will be a slight delay as developers wait for the automatic certification process to end. It is finally scheduled to be released around 8 am on June 3rd.

For the latest news about the release time change, the official ARK Twitter account and the Twitter account of ARK Community Manager Cedric Burkes are your best sources. Unfortunately, given that the release time is currently unavailable, Season Pass owners should not expect preloads either.

Ark: Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2 newly added creatures and its functions

Stryder: A Stryder is a robotic creature that can be used for harvesting or fighting, depending on the parts you use to build it.

Astrodelphis: This is essentially a space dolphin. Its saddle can be equipped with thrusters and lasers, making it an important resource for crossing and fighting.

Summoner: Currently we don't know much about this creature, especially you can't tame it, and it will patrol in the new Rockwell biome added in the expansion.

New tools: New tool kit Minigun, Tek Pistol, Egg Incubators, a Tek Bow, Canoes, Minigun, etc.

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