The Ark Survived and Evolved: Muskeet is timid and afraid

"Ark: Survival Evolution" is a survival sandbox game with dinosaurs as the theme, but it does not mean that the game will only appear dinosaurs, the vast sandbox world is also active with a variety of ancient creatures, these creatures formed a huge biological chain, following the natural law, the endless development. The next creature to be introduced is the musk, the most common timid creature on the upper line of the ark island, and the lowest of the chain of creatures on the ark.

As long as there are forests on the island, you can almost see the musk. It is not picky at all, but will eat anything. Its biggest characteristic is that it is especially timid. But muskets survive because they have a relatively fast escape rate and few strict requirements for food.

If you attack wild musk deer, generally speaking, you will run away. Some of you who are a little bolder may fight back several times and then run away. The taming method of musk is peaceful taming. The tamed food is refreshed randomly. Generally, it is high-quality meat, meat, rare mushrooms, rare flowers, honey, and so on.

The musk-foot animal has high blood volume, damage, load, and speed, but the endurance recovery speed is relatively slow, which is comparable to the ox dragon. It does not need a saddle to ride and can use weapons while mounted. Press and hold the left mouse button body forward with the mouth bite, right is the body lying down chewing, C key mouth bite two left a right, left, right and C key can attack and collection, but the damage value is the same.

Although the musketeers are not bad at fighting, just doesn't mean the musketeers will defend themselves. The musk flees at the sight of an enemy, and retains its inherent timidity, no matter how much affection is poured into it. So in the early days of Ark Evolution, the musk was mostly able to play the role of dragon gatherer. If you do not have enough time and energy, then you can choose to quickly obtain your ideal dinosaur from ArkRex.