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Crystal - Many equipment produced by the player's later machine tools need crystals. The early crystals are essential materials for telescopes. Crystals are a relatively scarce resource in the Ark, mainly distributed in larger mountains and some mines. The map is scorched. There are a lot of reserves in the desert relics and mines.

Element Dust - Elemental Dust is usually dropped by Tektronix in non-extinct maps. To get elemental powder, we have to kill Tek creatures and let them drop.

Pearls - In the Ark Survival Evolved, pearls are divided into silica pearls and black pearls. Among them, silica pearls can be made into circuit components with metal ingots; black pearls can be used to make Tektronix equipment and to tame squid as a domestic food.

Gasoline - As a continuous consumable material, gasoline can help players generate electricity, thereby providing effective energy protection for industrial ovens, chemical tables, lathes and other items, and bringing players a lot of material benefits. In the method of synthesis, players can use 5 animal skins and 6 oils to synthesize directly in an industrial furnace or a refining furnace. The method is relatively simple.

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