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For players to experience survival in the Ark Survival Evolution, building houses is essential. The material of the house can be wood material, a metal material or Tek material. The more difficult it is to obtain the material, the better its function.

As we all know, wood materials are very easy to obtain, but not so strong, while metal buildings and Tek buildings are relatively strong, and their functions are also more pleased. Especially Tek buildings. When we want to build metal or Tek houses, we need Tek Foundation.

Tek construction also needs a lot of Tek materials. Especially when we are domesticating dinosaurs, Tek materials are the safest buildings. Tek Dinosaur Gate, Tek Dinosaur Gateway, etc. are also indispensable materials.

Tek Replicator is the basic platform for all Tektronix technology productions, so when you obtain Tektronix energy elements, you must first make Tek Replicator, and then make Cloning Chamber, Tek Forcefield, Tek Catwalk and other items.

Tek Sleeping Pod requires Tek Generator. Compared with ordinary beds, Tek Sleeping Pod has a shorter resurrection time. As long as there is a power supply, after resting in Tek Sleeping Pod, it can restore a certain level of hunger and moisture. If there is no power supply, it can still be used as a basic bed function, but part of the recovery effect is lost.

ARK PVE Tek items are difficult to obtain, and the production cycle is long, requiring players to invest a lot of time. For busy players, time is the most precious. If you want to improve your efficiency in the Ark Survival Evolved, then I recommend that you come to ArkRex.com to quickly buy Tek building. ArkRex will provide any PVE Tek items needed for the survival of players to help you better Enjoy the fun of the game.

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